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An effective, efficient, economical tool for increasing revenues in today's market.
HFI Screw Compressor Packages
are easy to transport, offload, and hookup

Packages available in several sizes and configurations. 4Cyl, V6, V8, Electric drive
packages are also available in sizes to fit most applications. 30 day trial period.

Units delivered to your location on a 30 day trial basis
(Rental Fees/Limitations apply for trial period)

BGH-80 - Standard Equipment Includes:

  • GM 3.0L 4 cylinder liquid cooled engine
  • T-Mar SCI 8G oil flooded
    rotary screw compressor
  • 14" Inlet scrubber (filtered)
  • Stainless Braid Hoses
  • Balanced lifting point
  • Control panel with annunciator, tach
    and hour meter.
  • Added Engine oil capacity


  • Lightweight, simple to haul and to set up
  • Volumes to 100MCFD @ 150psi
  • Packages available for 250MCFD +
  • Upgrade accessories available
  • Standard units normally in stock
  • Optional Electric motor drives

Easy to transport and setup

Trailer not included in package


V-8 GM w/ 14G T-Mar screw compressor

25hp Electric w/ 10G T-Mar screw compressor


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